Mountains or Ocean?

By: Gary White (Instagram: garywhitephotography1)

As an avid Skier, Mountain Biker, Climber, Fly Fisher, Surfer and Photographer it is a question I get asked a lot as I have been fortunate enough to live in the French Alps for many years and had the opportunity to travel to many amazing places such as Niseko in Japan, British Columbia in Canada and New Zealand to name a few to pursue my enthusiasm for the Mountains.

I was also lucky to call the East Coast of Australia home for 6 years in a beautiful surf town a couple hours north of Brisbane that is surrounded by stunning natural parks and amazing surf breaks and fishing to pursue my enthusiasm for water-based activities.

In this blog, I will answer what brings me to the mountains!

If I could create the future it would definitely be a world where everyone got to live what they are passionate about. Not I do this because I have too but I do this because I love too, I love to do it! if everyone could find something they are passionate about and spend all day doing it that is the world I would love to see.

The routines of modern living whether it be traffic, bills, we are always rushing to work, home there is so much stuff going on it is really hard to get away from it all. Being in the mountains and away from it all really takes the weight off your shoulders and allows you to feel the open space that nature has.

It is really easy to get disconnected from the natural world around you and I think it is really important to get out back into that natural world. An example if you have ever taken a road trip to British Columbia (BC) then it is one of my favorite things in the world as you are always on! you are always on an adventure, on a ferry back off it and into some cool ski town and then into the next one and all these secret little powder stashes that we live for, it is the powder highway in BC.

Driving in BC is such an adventure hitting the open road the views are incredible it is just like skiing you cannot get bored driving in BC.

For the majority of people the primary objective of going to the mountains is to get good snow and ski, but what we do not realize is when we get there we learn more about ourselves. We are out of our element and we learn about the mountains, the danger of the mountains and traveling the mountains safely and all these other aspects that will challenge us and make us better in our daily lives.

There is nothing more exciting than getting up in the morning getting ready and there is 25 / 30cm of fresh snow on the ground and you know you are going to go up for some amazing runs and that first run of the day is only a few minutes away and that feeling of excitement is amazing. When you get out and put your ski’s on and you are just out there in the mountains and you have a wicked run below you there is nothing quite like that.

Tree skiing is so fun to do with friends you are always moving back and forth and you catch a glimpse of someone and then they are gone the next second. Mocking down a run, ripping through the trees, dodging each other and boosting little airs is really what it is all about. For me, skiing powder is the effortlessness, the fact you can go so much faster and it is so forgiving you can go as fast as you want as you know it is so soft. There is nothing quite like gliding down fresh snow over what in the summertime would be an un-negotiable landscape, it is like gliding on a cloud there is no better feeling.

We pound through the grind in the city every day we owe it to ourselves to get out in these open spaces and enjoy the natural environment around us.

So why not you? Now I have only discussed Winter in the mountains I could go on about what each season brings in the mountains from fly fishing to climbing and everything in between but I would need a book to do that.

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