Frequently Asked Questions

I strive to get all jobs completed ASAP (depending on the workload as to how fast exactly but generally within 24-72 hours). BUT, if you need something in a hurry I have a ‘Rush Service’ available please contact me directly if you need a ‘Rush Service’

My RUSH service is for Urgent Orders. This is a premium service.

I use Star Track Express, Australia Post and DHL International. I can ship via urgent orders using my Priority service for very fast delivery Australia wide. It’s not cheap but when things are urgent that option is there!

The vibrant team is led by trade qualified, award winning professionals who have been reproducing amazing images, printing, designing and keeping up with the latest trends in the industry for the past 20 years throughout Australia and across the world. The team are all trade qualified photographers, graphic pre-press and digital printers.

Based on the Gold Coast, Australia, the expert team have been specialising in canvas prints and fine-art printing for many years and are continually growing the range of display options for images

Everything I do is done right here in Australia. Right from the very start to finish! I prep the files here, print them here, take care of all the framing and packaging all here on the Gold Coast, Australia. I do NOT use cheap overseas companies to fulfill your orders! You can pick up the phone and talk to me about your job anytime and I can let you know immediately where it is at.

I finish canvases off in a professional way by taping over the staples with a professional framing tape and then using high quality hanging wire and hangers. All done by hand for that professional finish your work deserves.

I use New Zealand Kiln Dried Pine. It is a very high quality 32mm stretcher bar. It’s a beautiful product to work with.

Each frame is carefully hand made to size (sometimes I will pre-make common sizes) but most are made to order. I have precision cutting equipment to ensure that the frames are cut to the exact millimetre, each corner is then automatically nailed in specific areas for maximum strength and rigidity.

I am able to produce canvases of basically ANY custom size on top of our standard sizes on my site so if you’re ever after something a little different let me know.

In short – a LONG Time!! I am always keeping up to date with technology and supplies.

The HP inks I use have been rated to last 100+ years and I only use materials from reputable companies in Germany, USA and Australia. I use the very latest HP Wide Format Eco-Friendly Fine-Art Printers which are the leaders in the giclee printing market.

I utilize the worlds most Eco-Friendly printing equipment made by HP. Developed by HP with the support of the USA Government they have invested over USAU $200.00m in Research and Development to develop the worlds most environmentally friendly inks and printers.

The printers I use have been carefully selected to ensure absolute best in the world print quality combined with the most environmentally friendly equipment and inks available.

Giclee in French means spray, this is the method used to apply multiple colours of archival pigment inks with an inkjet printer that is suitable to reproduce fine art museum pieces. There are numerous substrates that can be printed on such as photo papers, watercolour paper, coated paper, canvas, or artist textured vinyl.

Yes! I ship internationally every day! Also, all international orders will not be charged GST (Australian Goods and Services Tax which is 10%) so you effectively get a 10% discount.


I can ship to virtually any address in the world. But, there are ‘some’ restrictions on some bulky or large products, but contact me directly to discuss your international shipping needs. When you place an order, I will estimate shipping and delivery dates for you based on the availability of your items and the shipping options you choose. Depending on the shipping provider you choose, shipping date estimates may appear on the shipping quotes page.

FREE Shipping within Australia

For All* Orders Over AU $100.00 FREE Shipping Applies & For Orders Under AU $100.00 a Flat AU $15.00 Shipping Charge Applies.

Please note: For some extremely remote areas Free shipping may not apply due to the additional costs that I am unable to cover. But I will advise as soon as possible if this is the case.

*(Within Australia, International Orders are charged when ordering)

Shipping Times

All our orders are shipped directly by my printers here on the Gold Coast, Australia. From the time they leave I use the following estimates for estimated time of arrival. These estimates may vary depending on the exact location of the destination and any unforeseen challenges e.g. natural disasters etc.

QLD: 1-2 Days  NSW/ACT: 1-2 Days
VIC: 2-3 Days
SA: 3-4 Days
TAS: 3-5 Days
WA: 5-10 Days
NT: 5-10 Days

International Shipping times vary but all items are shipped via DHL International Air Express. It is not uncommon to have orders arrive for example in the USA within 2-4 days.

I use the following carriers for all our shipping requirements:

Tracking Numbers

All orders will have a tracking number that can be used online 24/7 to track the progress of your order once it has been shipped. All Tracking Numbers are emailed to you once your order has shipped and you can use the websites below to get updates on your order.

Star Track Express:

Australia Post:

DHL (International):


All my canvases are carefully hand packaged using a double layer bubble wrap. They are then boxed inside our custom made re-inforced boxes and fragile tape for the ultimate protection to ensure they arrive in perfect condition at your door!

Boxed up ready to go!


When you order Canvas Prints Online, I use a 380gsm Semi-Gloss Cotton/Poly Fine-Art Canvas to make them!

Stretcher bars – well this is an area that you could probably write a book about! The long and short of it is there are a number of different grades of stretcher bars from the cheaper Fir wood, to the higher quality Pines, regrowth forest woods, and hardwoods.

I currently use a Kiln Dried New Zealand Radiata Pine. It’s a very high quality timber and will hold your canvas in shape for decades!

Metal Prints: Look Just as Good, Last 4x as Long

My high-definition aluminium prints are made on aluminium that’s coated with a special photographic film. I use ChromaLuxe brand metal, which is resistant to stains, scratches, water, fire, tears, age-related yellowing – and lasts 200-400% as long as the world’s best photo papers. This means you don’t have to protect a metal print under a glass or layer of laminate as you would with regular photo paper. When you print on metal, you get all the high-definition quality you expect from an HD printer – but with all the benefits of aluminium’s lightness and durability.

Since the photographs are printed on a special film layer, as opposed to directly onto the aluminium surface, the quality you see in each finished print is breathtaking. You’ll be saying “wow” every time you see one of my metal prints – and with a vast range of size options, from 8×10-inch rectangles to large, 20×60 inch pieces, you can get your photograph or illustration in any size you want.

All of these prints are produced at my Printers on the Gold Coast of Australia, using our very own Aluminium HD Metal Prints. Our next-gen printing equipment makes it easy to produce metal photo prints that make average photography look stunning – as well as top-notch illustration prints.

Which Images Look Best on Aluminium Prints?

The best thing about metal prints is that they come with a layer of film over the metal. This combines a medium which is unique, durable and incredibly classy on a visual level with the incredible accuracy of modern HD printing techniques. As a result, any image you choose to print on metal will look stunning – whether it’s a photograph, graphic illustration or painting reprint.

If you’ve got a photograph, the print will keep all of its properties. This means you don’t have to worry about your image losing vibrancy, contrast or colouring. And with the durable aluminium backing helping prevent surface scratches, dings and dents – as well as rips – your photo will continue to look great for a long time to come.

If you’ve got an illustration or computer graphic, you can use the futuristic effect of an aluminium print add to your piece. Texture is important – and by printing on metal, you’ll be adding a whole new dimension to your image.

How Durable are Metal Photo Prints?

One question I get asked a lot concerns the durability of my metal prints: “how long can I expect my photograph or picture to last?”

Well, let me put your mind at ease: you can expect an aluminium print to last you a long time! Not only has the ChromaLuxe metal I use been shown to last 2-4x as long in fade tests – it’s also impervious to all but the most spirited attempts to burn, scratch or dent it.

On top of that, the gold medals won in both the State Queensland PICA / Printing Industries & Craftsmanship Awards (2014) and the National PICA Awards (2015) are testament to the quality of my metal prints – as well as the insane colour reproduction all the pieces made./

The WOW Effect

At the end of the day, there’s one major reason to print on metal: what I call the WOW effect. Every piece of visual is a statement – and when you choose to print on a new and unusual medium like metal, you’re underscoring that statement with your bold, progressive choice of material. There’s an immediate, striking effect to a metal print – and the unusual rigidity of the metal adds a completely new dimension to any photograph or illustration.

You can choose to have your aluminium prints mounted any way you like, maximising the WOW effect. I offer both float mounts, which will make your piece appear to be floating over a wall, and a wooden, Italian-framed option. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going for a tasteful, classical look or a modern one; your piece will fit right into any room at home or at the office.

In addition to the amazing clarity and choice of framing, you also get a choice of cuts. Your metal photo prints can be square, rectangular, or even circular – whatever you want, I would be delighted to print it. My #1 priority is providing the best prints in Australia, and I consider it an honour to go the extra mile to make sure you get prints that will keep you happy for a lifetime!

Custom Canvas Prints with a Lifetime Guarantee

I pride myself on producing canvases designed to last a lifetime – literally! I use original, eco-friendly HP inks that do not fade for 3+ years outdoors, where they’re exposed to regular sunlight… Or 200+ years indoors (away from direct sunlight). This is the highest guarantee in the industry, and a testament to the faith I put into producing custom canvas prints of the highest quality.

It is a matter of principle for us to produce flawless canvases each time – whether you’re ordering custom canvas photo prints or graphics/illustrations. Every time you buy with me, you get your canvas hand-wrapped, bubble wrapped for an extra measure of protection and protected by a custom-reinforced box. And even if anything should happen, I will replace your purchase FREE of charge!

And last but not least, the quality of my canvases guarantees unrivalled standards. I use premium, semi-gloss inkjet coating to ensure my work meets the highest industry standards regarding density, colour gamut, colour graduation and image sharpness.

If you order a canvas photo print from me, you can be sure that it will look true to life, accurately portraying whatever vibrant moment you chose to display. If you’re interested in canvas art printing of an illustration or graphic, you can be confident that it will be true to the artist’s vision – and your own expectations.

Which Images Look Best on Custom Canvas Prints?

The great thing about printing on canvas is that the material has a low amount of gloss sheen relative to other mediums. This means that the viewers will see the image itself first and foremost, without getting distracted by the finish on the material. This makes canvas a wonderful choice when you want the image, and not the material, to be the highlight of your piece.

One kind of picture that looks particularly great is the canvas art print. Reproducing a hand-drawn image or a watermark painting on canvas will give you the same effect and ambiance that the original had in your reprint. Another option is ordering a custom image in a classical style, and printing it on canvas to give it the effect of having been hand-drawn.

Just remember: My Award Winning Fine-Art Canvas is in a Class of its own. I am fortunate to win a medal in the State Queensland PICA / Printing Industries & Craftsmanship Awards (2014) for Canvas. This means you can count on me to deliver a top-notch print regardless of the image type you have in mind.

How durable are canvas photo prints?

This is perhaps the best, and most important, quality of a custom canvas print. As you already know, just about every painting you might see in a museum or art gallery will be on a canvas. This is because the material is hardy, durable and great at keeping images without them losing their intrinsic qualities. Its only weakness is fire – but unless you actively try to burn your canvas, it should last you a whole lifetime… Which is why I am so happy to provide you with a 200+ year guarantee on my canvas art and photo prints!

What Canvases do I Use?

I use a beautiful mix of fine-art cotton and poly blend to make my canvases, which weigh in at 380 grams per square meter and feature a high quality semi-gloss surface that looks like HD photo paper. This material is perfect for reproducing hand-painted images as well as photographs, graphic art and anything in-between. The coating I use on the canvases means you can stretch your canvas cleanly using wooden stretcher bars without seeing any cracks or excessive distortion.

A Touch of Class

The primary reason to print on canvas is the pure class that custom canvas prints project. No matter what you choose to print, it’s going to look tasteful. Even pop art looks classier and more refined when it’s on a canvas!

That’s because there’s an instant gut-level connection when someone sees an image on this material. One can’t help but think back to museums and art galleries, as well as flashy house paintings.

And the great thing is that you can get your canvas photo prints (and art pieces) in a wide range of shapes!

First are the rectangle and square options. These are perfect for traditional photographs and images, and look great on any home or office wall. They’re a timeless, multi-use option that works every time. But if you want something a little more artsy, there’s the panoramic option – as well as the boxed one that comes with a thick frame for added effect.

Quality Prints

I have a variety of amazing quality papers ranging from the Silk/Lustre (more traditional photo paper 260gsm) to our Fine-Art selection of papers for that premium exhibition quality of paper for an incredible print result.


I use only the highest quality materials in all of my framing. Including the beautiful timber mouldings like our Oak, Teak and Walnut frames to the optically clear acrylic glass that comes with a 30 year non-yellowing guarantee.


My Slate Photo Blocks are created from finely grained sedimentary rock, they’re a unique and very affordable product that make a great addition to any work or home desk, mantle piece, TV cabinet or coffee table. They come with their own stand (all included). They’re a striking unique one of a kind Photo Gift product that is guaranteed to impress.

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