Student of Life

By: Gary White (Instagram: garywhitephotography1)

As a photographer, I am always looking at the landscape in a way that will help others appreciate and care for it. I hope to express the deep spirituality that I find in nature and to bring back images to people that might not otherwise have an opportunity to witness the beauty.

That has always been my sole purpose when it comes to photography not to make a business from it, not to get as many likes or followers as possible but to be a student of life.

As a student of life, I believe intelligence manifests itself not through expression or formality but observation and genuine curiosity, observing nature is always an awe-inspiring, spiritual experience for me, I can sit and watch waves crash for hours.

The ocean, in particular, reminds me of how incredible fascinating our planet is and how little we know despite what we think we no. There is nothing more humbling than being face to face with something so much bigger than yourself, but I often wonder why nature inspires us, why we are in awe of certain scenery and why we find these landscapes, oceans, and stars so breathtaking.

We have not done anything to earn this awe so why do we feel it? it is this very question that leads me to believe our most inspired state then is not one of accomplishment but of humility.

I think we naturally fall in love with places that prove how small we are, places that humble us with reminders that we have so much more to learn, so much more to grow that we are part of something bigger than ourselves.

Our significance lies in such potential in that quiet recognition of the stardust in our bones and the oceans in our minds knowing that a new sunrise paints our skies every day of our lives and by virtue of just being, by existing nature gives us a free front-row seat, it is like we have won the evolutionary lottery.

That is why I find it perplexing that we live such misdirected, consumed lives we could quite literally not exist at all we could be nothing, we could be incapable of perceiving any of this, all of us are always just one unexpected phone call, one diagnosis, one broken heart, one new found love and one moment away from being completely different people with completely different priorities indeed how frail we are, and yet how blessed we are.

You see those seamlessly insignificant moments spent with nature remind you of what’s important, they remind you that all we have is our conscience and each other, after all, what is life without either.

I would say then that it matters little what we have achieved if those achievements are not also in service of others, the sense of purpose we feel when we give far outweighs what is derived from any achievement and unlike a trophy which fades into darkness, giving has a glory that lasts a lifetime.

I hope that my photography invokes those feelings in people that see my work, that is the satisfaction I get knowing that even if one person is impacted positively in a picture they see that I have taken then no amount of money can replace that feeling.

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